Today was epic in male stupidity, weirdness and general butt-holery.  Apparently it was abundant with other unsuspecting females in my life as well, so I’m not alone.

It starts out with interacting with dudes online (I know what you’re thinking…this is your first problem dumbshit) BUT hear me out…

After another amazing date over the weekend with a man who I actually like, suddenly I’m depressed. Possibly due to the fact that said man has yet to kiss me after three dates…but I digress. I decided I shouldn’t put all my eggs in “Mr. I really like you, but not enough to fuck you” basket and got back online. In my misguided effort to make myself “feel better,” I started sending rounds of “Hey there’s” to hot dudes.  After 5 minutes of effort, I get a few bites…OK all is going well…

The first guy ends up being a drip, trailing off and not being very interesting or interested. Strike 1.

The second is just trolling for random hook-ups. Strike 2.

The third is completely insane. At first glance, the profile was intelligently written and somewhat amusing, so I bite. Some witty quip that I usually open with to get them to open up. He responds with an epic-ly long drawn out email about his “deal breakers.” At first, I’m like “OK, he just knows exactly what he wants,” I can respect that. However, the first deal breaker is women who date or have ever dated a black man. Yes, a black man.

I’m horrified, but at the same time I have a genuine sociological curiosity about what the hell this guys’ deal is. So I ask, “Why don’t you like women who like black men?”.

Then comes the clincher, as if I didn’t already know that this man was a complete racist ass-hat, that apparently (to him) any woman who would “consort” with black men have so little care for the genetic purity of their offspring that he couldn’t possibly entertain dating them without vomiting. Holy fucking shit.


So, I’m back to where I started. Feeling not good enough for a guy. So, I ask myself, “Why do you do this?”.  At times, I’m painfully insecure. Everyone wants to be understood and loved for who they truly are.  Since finding a mate who you can feel this way about is rare, when it happens and not reciprocated, it hurts.  It just hurts.  But this is no reason to fall into a pit of despair…

Whatever the issue is, it’s not mine. I’m a bad-ass chick with a heart of gold and an awesome sense of humor.  And you are too. Fuck these men who can’t recognize a good thing.  Fuck these men who aren’t smart enough to fall to the ground begging for you. Fuck these men who just want to fuck. Fuck these men who are just higher functioning sociopaths.

You are beautiful baby.

— Miss C

P.S.   I apologize in advance for any blatant and scathing grammar or spelling errors. I am not a proofreader or a real writer for that matter…so chill bitches.

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